Monday Math Meet-ups

Have your students taken a benchmark test recently?  Do you have a limited time to review the questions with them before turning in the "secure test materials"? Would you like a different way to review that involves the students as leaders and lets you, "the teacher",  take a backseat? I've got just the thing... Math Meet-ups.  The idea isn't new. It's really the same as stations, centers, rotations, task cards, etc.  The big difference is that a student is in charge of each question and does the models their solution for their peers.
WARNING: This took A LOT more preparation than I originally anticipated. BUT... it was really worth it.

First, I created a short video, in Adobe Spark, that all 5 teachers played for the students in order to explain the process. Second, I created a Powerpoint slideshow with timings to manage the rotations from question to question. (3 minutes per question and 30 second transitions).
Step 3 involved assigning the student leaders to a question that they had correct on the assessment.
Step 4 required assigning each student to the questions that they missed in an order that ensured no more than 5 students were assigned to any one question at a time.  This was by far the trickiest part of the planning!
Step 5 was the creation of a record keeping sheet personalized for each student to write down the notes as each question was modeled.

None of what we did was very fancy.  We put up some posters on the classroom doors so that students would know which questions were being modeled in which rooms.  Each student leader had the question number displayed for students to know where to go, as well.  Student leaders used a dry erase board and shared their strategies. The other students asked questions and reviewed their own work to see where they went wrong.

At first, things were chaotic. After a couple of rotations, the students knew what they were doing and everything was smooth sailing after that.
Once we finished, the teachers each debriefed in their classrooms and the students overwhelmingly agreed that they preferred the Monday Math Meet-up to a traditional teacher led review.  They also gave us helpful feedback to improve for next time. For example the transition time should probably be a little longer to give students who are switching classrooms time to get to their next question.

All in all, this strategy worked out pretty well and we will probably try it again in the future.


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