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Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2013

When we return from the winter break I give every student a die cut footprint. This is a tradition that began with my 4th grade classes about ten years ago. I ask each student to set a goal and write a statement that explains very specifically how they will achieve that goal.  These are written on the feet and turned into a great hallway display with the title "Put Your Best Foot Forward in (new year) 2013".

As I encourage my students to put their best foot forward, I thought I would model the practice here.

Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary


See it for yourselves

This is not something I will come even close to doing justice to, but...
a friend shared this website with me. Can I just say -WOW!

If you are working with/teaching according to the "Common Core" and you
don't know about this website, you absolutely must stop what you are
doing and go there NOW!

What is this amazing website? Learnzillion

You seriously just have to see it for yourselves.
There is a feature that allows you to set up your students in a class and assign specific lessons along with quiz features. I am hooked!

December Currently...

Hi there! Last month I decided to join in the fun with Farley .
The way it works is really simple. Participants respond to the prompts and link up.
Everyone follows the rule of 3 by visiting and commenting on the 2 links before their own and the 1 link after.
It's a great way to build your professional learning network while getting to know each other better. Plus, it offers a quick and easy reflective tool.  I'm thinking there might be some ways to adapt this for my classroom.Until then... here it is I am...

The Nutcracker Suite is the epitome of Christmas events in my book. Some teachers got tired of taking their 4th graders to see that ballet, but not me.  It is one thing I really miss now that I am not a self-contained 4th grade teacher any more.  I get my fix by listening and visualizing.
Every year we have this big debate about where the tree should go and then I have to decide where my village should be displayed. I'm loving that both are right in front of the firep…