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TeacherEase Lesson Planning

I'm working on some Lesson Plan Templates. My favorite site for creating Lesson Plans is
All of the Common Core Standards and Essential Standards are already stored in drop down list format eliminating the tedious job of re-typing or cutting and pasting.  You can even customize the lesson plan template which I have found useful since I wanted to use the 5 E model.  I'll be posting about that more soon.

Check out their site by clicking the button on my website.

Beginning Teachers - Science Surprise

I can hardly wait until the beginning teacher science workshop tomorrow.  We'll be filling the room with a buzz like no other. Balloons loaded with a hex nut spinning over the heads of 130 some beginning teachers will do that.

PLUS.... Four lucky beginning teachers will be receiving gift certificates redeemable for $50 worth of Steve Spangler materials.  I decided to use some of my supply money from the Burroughs Wellcome award to jumpstart their science lessons.  I can't wait to do the drawing.

I'll come back and update this post with some pictures and perhaps a video response after the drawing.

The Winners!!  Lucky Ladies.