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Family STEM Night

It has certainly been a while since I shared on the topic of a Family STEM Night. This week we hosted a really great evening for families to engage in high energy STEM activities. Perhaps some of the energy came from the vertical alignment centered on NC Science Standards of Force and Motion. Everywhere you turned there were objects in motion and families caught up in conversation with each other and the teachers. This post will be short and sweet. I am including some photos and captions along with some of the tweets from the evening. Perhaps readers will find some inspiration or an idea at just the right time. As the night progressed, I worked intentionally to #hashtagwithpurpose so that all the great ideas would become part of the bigger community of educators cataloging the NC Science Standards. Take a look at all the great learning! Then join the conversation on Twitter. Search #hashtag180 on Twitter or click the link for more info.  Check out @KyleHamstra on Twitter to catch the …

My #OneWord 2019: Ambition

I guess that the #OneWord movement is nothing new, but this is the first year I have opted in. My word for 2019 #ambition. Why ambition? Because even though I may still appear to be an overachiever who finds extra hours in the day to keep growing my #PLN and learning about #edtech trends, I feel less ambitious than I was when I first started this blog. Somewhere along the journey, I think I really did slow down a bit.

Ultimately, my #OneWord is about a sense of accomplishment.
It would be easy to choose #OneWord and do nothing with it, but I am determined to regain my #Ambition this year! January is off to a good start, but it is early. I am not posting this to say, "Hey look at me and everything I am doing." I am posting this to acknowledge areas where I am being ambitious and reflect on ways that my #ambition still needs work.

Ambition around the house...

YUCK! Housework - seriously not my favorite thing. Plus, it is a never ending battle. My #ambition here is limited but I w…

2019 - Getting Back on the Blogging Bike

On June 8, 2011, I wrote and published my first post for this blog. I closed this brief but important post with the following paragraph:
"I hope you will join me on this journey.  This blog and the other information on my website are intended to help other teachers benefit from my experiences.  If you want to make an impact on your students through meaningful, inquiry-based science simulations then you've definitely found a point of reference. Make sure you click to follow this blog so you don't miss a single moment of the journey."
As 2019 begins, I am hoping once again to return to the regular routine of blogging. For me, that means taking a closer look at where the original journey led. The majority of posts on this blog were accumulated during the first two years (2011 and 2012).  I already knew that was what I would find.  Just as I wrote in that first post, the journey takes twists and turns. In 2012, my journey turned down a road that would ultimately lead to ea…