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Friday, June 17, 2011

The End and The Beginning

The school year is over and summer is here.  So that means the rush, rush of cleaning a classroom so the custodians can get in and do their thing.  I never seem to be able to do that as well as I'd like or as quickly as they'd like.  Alas, today I finished up even if it did mean just getting some stuff out of their way without really taking time to sort through it and get organized the way I wanted to. Now it's on to the beginning of summer and planning for our 1st science camp.  I've had 3 students register so far.  Some of my colleagues have volunteered to help out and it's time to start making definitive plans for how we will spend our time.
On a side note, I had a visit from our district "Green Schools" intern along with some ladies from Ft. Bragg today.  One of them was a parent of a former student which was a delightful surprise!   Even better was the offer from our intern to come back by and drop off 2 watermelon plants for our student garden.  They have the cutest baby watermelons on them and I hope they do well. 
Last but not least, I finally remembered to return a phone call to the soil & water dept. and make arrangements for our 6 new rain barrels to be dropped off next week.  Next decision... where are the best locations for reclaiming water on our campus.

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