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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LifeLab - Workshop Day 2

Another great day today with John Fisher from LifeLab and 9 other teachers from CCS.  We started out by learning the best way to prep a bed for planting.  My thumb is feeling a little bit more green already!  Even though we got an early start, the humidity was tough to take.  What a great group of educators who stuck it out and planted 2 beds of cantaloupe, eggplant, and tomatoes.  Yes, we realize it is a little bit late to put these in the ground.  If I can keep them watered they might just hang in there long enough to bear some fruit.  Thank goodness for the long growing season of NC. 
While we were at the community garden, we found that our 2 fig trees were full of fruit that is getting close to being ready to pick.  What a great surprise!
Later on, we dissected the soil and prepared paper pots for seedlings.  Who knew that a V8 can makes a great tool for creating a paper pot?!  Everyone left with ample seed packets to go out and start on their own.  All in all, this was a great 2 day workshop and we all gained a great deal of knowledge that hopefully will translate into classroom experiences for our students.
Thanks LifeLab!

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  1. Hi Heather, It was great working with you North Carolinians. You are a hard working group of folks even in that heat! Keep that garden watered.

    Here are the resources that I noted during our workshop that I said I would send on. Please pass on to the workshop participants:

    Effective Outdoor Management Handout and Resources -

    You can find the Power of School Gardens Power Point which has the slides of various school garden elements here: This presentation is part of the Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Workshop training materials where you can find links to school gardening how to's and videos The Year Round Garden Tasks planning handout is one of those resources.

    There are also some great shots of school garden elements here:

    Here is the link to a great resource for drip irrigation:

    And finally here is the link to many free online school garden lessons:

    It was great working with you and now that we know what "straw" is we are ready to come back and make some more compost piles.

    Take care, John Fisher - Life Lab