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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Growing a Garden One Stepping Stone at a Time

This is a year of change. Our state adopted the common core and is implementing essential standards in science and social studies. The teacher evaluation system added a 6th measure. If this isn't enough, we (our school) moved into a different building this summer.

The move prompted a really big DonorsChoose proposal, that I am excited to say was funded in August.
You can read the proposal here.
The art teacher and I were thinking alike.  The courtyard area of the "new" school would really look great with some stepping stones and the students would feel a sense of ownership with the addition of their stepping stones.
The materials have arrived and we have begun the project.  It will take awhile to complete in full, but the first set of 21 stones have been designed.  The concrete will be poured soon and then the stones will need a month to cure before placing them outside.  The pictures show students tracing the shape of their mold onto  clear contact paper and creatively designing their stones.




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