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Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Freebie - a bulletin board idea!

I've decided to link up with the Teaching Blog Addict for Friday Freebie!
Our entire building just got new bulletin boards.  Really big ones for right outside our doors in the hallway.
This was a wonderful donation but you know what it means when you get a big bulletin board.  It must be covered.  So I began the hunt for a fabulous idea.  Here's what I ended up with and how I did it.

I covered the board with some wrapping paper from the dollar tree.  It was pink with butterflies all over it.  I used a boarder that had a white picket fence and flowers to finish off the edges at the top and bottom of the bulletin board.  I found some laminated buggy accents and scattered them on the board.
I decided on the title: "Science Doesn't Bug Us!"
To make the title I used one of my favorite fonts and printed the letters. I cut the letters out to make my own letter templates and traced them onto a roll of bright blue contact paper.  I cut the letters out of contact paper and outlined them with a black sharpie.  Time consuming (ok - maybe) but I loved the end result.  Since it is contact paper, it was really easy to stick onto the board right where I wanted each letter.

Next, I needed some student work for the board.  I decided on 3 pieces to go with our Ecosystems unit.
1.   One of the accent die cuts was a butterfly.  I traced the butterfly on sheets of various colors of cardstock and cut them out before using the butterfly on the board.  Next, I cut a slit in the middle of each butterfly.  Half of them have a slit about 2 inches long coming up from the bottom while the other half have a slit about 2 inches long coming down from the top (between the antennas).  This allows me to slide one butterfly down and the other up to create a 3 D butterfly.  I gave each student one 3 D butterfly and instructed them to choose 2 science vocabulary words.  They wrote each word on the front of one wing.  Under the wing they wrote the definition and drew a picture.

2.  3 D energy pyramids were super easy to make.  I gave each student a square of cardstock with a slit going from one corner to the middle, which allowed the square to overlap and create a pyramid.  Students used their study guides and notebooks to show the flow of energy in an ecosystem.

3.  I gave students strips of paper and they began with the producer to create a food chain complete with herbivores and 3 levels of consumers.  They linked the strips together to form a chain.

I'm pretty happy with the way the board turned out and the kids had a lot of fun helping me get the board ready before spring break.  It was a great review and kept them busy on a day that is often restless (you know what it's like right before a vacation...)

I'm including the letters for the title and a butterfly template in case you want to recreate this board.  Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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