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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Currently

I missed February, but I managed to pull off March.
Love being part of the Currently Link Up with Farley.

So, I guess it is windy outside since I can hear the wind whistling through the windows.  March is coming in like a lion I suppose.

Let me just say that growing plants hydroponically is a big hit!  My 4th and 5th graders are loving this part of our science lab right now.  They've been helping mix the nutrients and adding them to the system.  Our first attempt is with some flowers - bachelor's buttons.  They are really taking off and the kids are very excited about it.  (so am I - truth be told)

Finished course #4 last week in my doctoral studies: Educational Research Methodologies culminated with the 1st milestone - the Topic Paper.  Thrilled to have pulled off an "A".  Even more thrilled to have a 3 week break from my studies.

Our youngest son, who is about to turn 16 next month, broke a bone in his hand but we don't know when.  It's been awhile.  Happened playing soccer, most likely.  The bone is the scaphoid which is a stubborn bone and slow to heal even if we had known about it right away.  Unfortunately, we didn't and now he has to have surgery, including bone grafting and a compression screw. UGH!  I really want this to go well and wish it were already over.

I have several books that I really need to renew and could do it online if only I could find my library card!  Guess I need to get up and get moving to find that.   I seriously need to avoid any more library fines!!

And now for 3 things I like, love, hate...  This was supposed to be 3 things that start with the 1st letter of my 1st name, but I used my last name instead.  Just couldn't think of anything that started with "H".
I like Koosh Balls - great stress relief!
I love Klondike Bars (and they were on sale the other day)!
I hate Kool-aid - I have never liked Kool-aid and I never will like Kool-aid!  I don't know why.  Call me crazy.

If you're participating in the Currently link up, remember to leave me a comment.  If you stumbled on this from somewhere other than Farley's Link Up, you should really head over to her blog and check out all the other great bloggers who link up each month!


  1. I lost my library card too! I made the big mistake of getting my children library cards, so now I never know which card I have used! I have to keep up with three cards. What a mess! I can never figure out who has books out, and on which card!

    Hope you find it!
    A Primary Owl

  2. I know what you mean! We have 6 people in our family and everyone has a library card. I've done the same thing before. Of course the boys and hubby are old enough to keep up with their own cards now so it isn't as big a deal but still...

  3. We are about to study plants and I will have to check on growing them hydroponically. I imagine that it must be with water with the prefix of hydro, but then I'm a first grade teacher. I'll let you know how it turns out. I don't get to do enough science stuff in 1st.
    First Grade by the Sea

  4. Yes, Pauline. It is with water. My system is kind of elaborate since I have a science lab and some grant funding (ok... a lot of grant funding). You can do it with a much simpler system though. I would love to hear what you come up with!

  5. Congrats on your doctoral studies!! Praying for your son. I have foot/ankle surgery on Thursday, which will also be slow healing.

  6. Hi Heather! I'm growing plants hydroponically too! I would love to hear about your system - I don't know any other teacher who is doing hydroponics! I use a Hydrofarm system- what are you using? I just did a blog post about it - please stop on by if you get a chance, I put a photo up of our lettuce - we're so excited that is it actually growing!!
    Science for Kids Blog

  7. Forgot to add that I'm your newest follower! So happy to see another science blog!
    Science for Kids Blog